Where there’s a will…

Where there’s a will there’s a way. 

Even though still early stages of training with 30 weeks to ironman Hamburg I’m still trying to be committed to every training session and giving it my all. 

Although as we know work and life sometimes get in the way of a great training plan – or do they ? 

This week I had a day trip to Brussels for work. Alarm set for 4am I tried to get showered and dressed as quietly as possible so as not to awake hubby. 

First fail of getting dressed in the dark – my top was on inside out 😂 Luckily I had a jacket in and it was bitterly cold in Brussels so I could keep the top hidden for the day. Later my knicker elastic would go ping ! Again lucky I had trousers on.

Anyway I had a 5 minute plank session to do somtime in the day. Where and when would I manage to fit that in with a train journey to London then Eurostar to continent, office meetings for Gas Safety & European Parliament plans ? 

Well the travel fairies were on my side and as I had managed to get first class rail ticket to London in January sales for less than standard class I found my plush spacious leather seat 💺 right at the front of the train seat 01 in a newly refurbished carriage – clean carpet, new seats & furniture all still smelling new & clean. 

First train of the day and the first class  carriage was empty so I took the opportunity to get down and plank in the aisle !  I managed this in between the first two stations where more passengers got in the carriage. Drinks trolley service came through so coffee, water an apple & banana competed my health start to the day. 

Brussels was freezing cold and a busy day where I couldn’t have fitted another 5 minutes in. That was until the return trip on the train from London to home ! 

Again an empty new carriage was taken advantage. Maybe train aisle planking can become part of a commuters training plan !? 

Where there’s a will there’s a way if you add a bit of creative thinking to training. 

Today’s day trip to Oxford is back in scruffy standard and packed so no train planking today for me. 


      • It’s either a health and safety officer’s ultimate nightmare, or some actuary in the bowels of the company will see it as a fantastic cost-cutting measure; just stack the passengers on top of each other! But certainly you could have a carriage dedicated to spin-classes. And they could harness the electricity too. No end of possibilities! I think you’re on to something here…

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