IM Hamburg February training [recap]

The start of this month and we were still in the icy grip of winter – wind, rain and storm Doris blowing through. This disrupted training a little and kept me indoors for a few more sessions apart from when we had a power cut for a day and the sports centre was closed.

Weather disruptions aside I managed to get a consistent month of training through February into first week of March, as well as a routine.

Monday – swimming drills, Tuesday – bike, Wednesday- run hill reps or Fartlek, Thursday- rest day, Friday – long swim, Saturday – long bike, Sunday – long run. 

The advantage of this time of year is there are always plenty of people training for London marathon so plenty of company on the long weekend runs. I’ve managed a couple of 10 mile runs and a huge step up to a 15 mile run last Sunday.

The 15 miler needs a mention as it was the worst weather run I’ve ever done. If I wasn’t running with Belinda I’m sure I would have bailed or headed for a sole destroying treadmill session which in hindsight may have been slightly preferable ! 

Being dropped off at Avebury we were running back to Chippenham. We had to change from the planned cycle route as the lanes were flooded and ankle deep in mud. Then the headwind was constant and brutal, even down hill we couldn’t pick the pace up as we seemed to be in the most exposed places. Add in a few rain showers to complete the misery and the worst run conditions were in place. 

We did think about calling for a husband to collect us on more than one occasion ! But B & I battled on even though we were both struggling as the wind had sapped our energy. I know it was bad as for the first time in ages I had to take my asthma rescue inhaler twice on the run.

Keeping in the Zone – throughout my 10 mile long runs and 10 km training event  I have managed to keep in Heart Rate Zone2. The Fartlek and hill sessions HR are as high as the Sahed and spiky as a hedgehog. The 15 miler was the exception as even walking into the wind I was top end of Zone2 so accepted that even though I was holding the same pace as Zone2 runs the wind factor was keeping me in lower half of Zone3 HR.

I treated the Wiltshire 10 mile race as a training event and again the plan was to keep it slow and low. I ran with a couple of friends to keep them company and keep my pace  & heart rate down. It was hard seeing everyone move ahead and away from me and see the lead runners returning to finish as I was only approaching a third of the distance. But I stuck with it and stayed in the zone, which was the plan. 

Generally my asthma has been OK, peak flow dipped with a slight sore throat and the extra inhalers required on the windy run but all good this month. I got my name printed on my ASTHMA UK running vest in preparation for Maui half marathon in March.

Another sign that I am recovering from my initial asthma attack and training is that I had an increase of 8% in a WATTBIKE FTP 20 minute test since the start of the year ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Using the same WATTBIKE I’ve had a peak power reading in the FTP test of 180watts, then chest infections & bronchitis then asthma took hold and my power dropped to 141watts. I am now on the up again to 152 then last week 164watts. Looking for 170 next test and to be back to peak power by ironman Hamburg. 

Winter turbo time is paying off as well as medication keeping asthma under control.

I have also been busy volunteering with my work with Wiltshire Specials. There have been Rural Crime Op’s, community speed checks and the biggest Specials operation yet where 70 extra officers were on duty on a Saturday night slit into Rural Crime, Licensing & exploitation teams. Driving an old Landrover Defender around for 10 hours across Salisbury Plain will give me muscles on muscles like Popeyes’s ! Alternative strength training 

Spring finally made a brief appearance and I managed to get out on my bike for a couple of chilly but blue sky rides. Daffodils starting to burst into life all around.

My sister got me locked in Detention for my birthday ! As a surprise she organised an escape room adventure for me, herself, my eldest nice and Mike. We were locked in the headmasters room and had an hour to workout the clues get the codes and find the key to escape detention. We made it with 13 s canes to spare – cutting it fine for sure. What a great afternoon and way to spend time with family. Thanks Sue for the surprise. 

The last week I was helping look for a friends lists dog and was walking around fields & farms each afternoon. The rescue dog had only been in her new home for a week and didn’t know the area or her name. Still a mystery how she got out of the garden. After two sightings I came across paw prints in a new area. The following day I was out with Emma and saw more paw prints then a single jingle from a dog tag. Twenty minutes later we found Molly on the canal bank. She was dry and very relived to see us. As I walked back across the fields carrying her to reunite her with her family the heavens opened again. I was so relieved to find her and know that after 6 nights lost she wouldn’t have another night out in the open and in the rain. Molly settled back into her new home and safe & well. 

That was one happy day, one lucky dog and I could go on holiday happy knowing she was home. 

Next months blog post will be from Hawaii ๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŒดโ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ๐Ÿธ as we head out to celebrate my 50th birthday ๐ŸŽ‰ 

Escaped Detention with seconds to spare
However big or small you are – if speeding I’ll stop you

Molly found & reunited
Dog detective tracking skills
Running kit for Maui half marathon


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