Starting from scratch to ironman #5


Yes I’m going to do another ironman 😀

In 50 weeks time I’ll be 53 in the middle of my age group and lining up to do my 5th 140.6 long distance triathlon. Heading off with a number of shipmates for the PSOF Championship in Copenhagen.

Possibly one of the most scenic city races which is flat and fast so hoping for a PB.


Since my first ironman to my fifth I’ve been asked this many times over, the reason why is a personal decision with as many reasons as answers. For me it’s the challenge, commitment to the training, racing with like minded pirates and the fact I still can.

Yes I’m not getting younger, the races don’t get easier, I’ve had a set back this year with shingles that has derailed my season so I am very much starting from scratch.

Starting from scratch –

Time to reset, plan and get prepared for ironman training. Base training begins in September and from now to year end I will be building my base fitness and strength month by month. Bite size baby steps.

To get started thanks to STRAVA I will be adapting their September The Escape Plan challenge aiming for a minimum of 30 mins a day for 5 days a week. STRAVA is 15 mins a day but I need to push a bit more. This can be walk, swim, cycle, run, S&C gym circuits.

Having returned to gym circuits the last two weeks my body ached for days with DOMS ! Reminding me that not only do I need to get my cardio fitness back but build up my strength & muscles again. Strength training in turn will help reduce injuries and benefit my triathlon training.

My running is jogging along but I’ve lost so much pace not that I was ever fast! Last few weeks training for Swindon Half I was doing 8:2 mins and around 12 min miles, this weekend stepped up to 9:1 and I’m around an 11:30min mile as a run/walk program. Said I was slow ! Three more weeks to Swindon half and my aim is to just get around and enjoy as this is the last Swindon half.

Swimming has been sporadic and the swims I’ve done as part of relay teams have been well off my pace but I’ve completed and enjoyed taking part in teams for what is normally a solo event for me.

Cycling again I’m sure my road bike now has cobwebs as probably ridden as many miles this year on it as I did in a month last year and my race bike has not even seen daylight at all this year.

My lack of activity and over eating has resulted in a 7kg weight gain, my racing weight is nearer a 10kg loss required.

Work to do, move more, eat less and build up to race pace and weight – sounds so simple right ?!

On the plus side I managed a sprint triathlon at Portishead which I celebrated the finish and cherished the medal as if it was an ironman ! So pleased to have completed at least one triathlon this year so as not a total wasted season, but again it was very slow.

September sorted, then will assess and take it from there. To help me be more accountable to myself and you dear readers I will also try and keep the blog active as it also suffered from lack of input again due to shingles🦠 bloody virus!

Follow my journey through the blog, social media -Facebook and Instagram plus Strava.

It’ll be slow but steady progress….let’s get started 😀

So let the base training commence….

Race planning – races entered.

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