Swindon Half – the soggy one!

Last race of the season. Just another half marathon?

Well this one allowed me to complete my deconstructed middle distance triathlon this year.

Swim – Cotswold 113 ✅

Bike – Lakesman half ✅

Run – Swindon half ✅

Not the season I planned, but made to most of it. There was also a common factor to races I’ve taken part in this year – wet, wet, wet 💦💦💦

From a wet weekend in the Lake District, storms and flooding at Outlaw Nottingham, poring down in Portishead Sprint tri, a very soggy Swindon run and a Swim/Run around Barry Island Wales I’ve got quite used to squelching while running and the feel of wet feet as I reach saturation point.

Thanks to Mrs D for pacing us around Swindon with a 8:2 strategy. The weather was grim, whilst we started in the dry within a mile the drizzle started then we had a full on downpour to the finish.

Well organised race, seen parts of Swindon not normally visited, plenty of support even on the rain, thanks to Em & Nat for coming out. Ate a kilogram of drowned JellyBabies ! Cold air required a few puffs of the inhaler – or was it just knackered’ness due to lost fitness ?! This was my longest run in 6 months.

So I started the season with Weston half and finished with Swindon both with lack of fitness – next year should do better.

Looks like training will be heading indoors more now, with Wattbike, strength training as the only time I want to get wet is at the swimming pool 😂 I’m sure there will be a few wet trail runs with the dog but they’re fun and always a bubble bath when I get back to look forward to.

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