Whats App’ening ?

This month I signed up to the STRAVA The Escape Plan, this simple but effective challenge got me back into a routine and excercising 5 days a week for 4 weeks. Anything goes as long as more than 30 mins (officialy 15 mins). So I had coastal trails, Smugglers Way walks in Cornwall, social road bike rides in September sunshine, a soggy Swindon Half marathon, HITT sessions at home and in the gym as well as run/jog/walks with Jango.

As each week went by the green dots appeared and then the progress email arrived when all 5 activites of the week were completed. Like a fitness advent calendar. Ticker tape finish when 4 week streak completed.

It got me thinking of which other apps I was using towards building fitness and fun challenges. These included BOXX, What3Words, Wattbike, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks as well as STRAVA. Many of these apps are connected and so share health data, fitness level and add activites into challenges.

Simultaniously whilst I was doing the STRAVA challenge I was also connected with RaceCheck Visor club #teamwhite – swim, bike and run challenges. None of these have prize pots, medals or t-shirts but they all bring a little satisfaction at finishing what I started and seeing myself on my filling my own calendar or on a leaderboard moving up or down depending on what I was doing.

Quick one line review of each app:
STRAVA – good for challenges and to see PB’s over same routes over current year or all time
BOXX – simple 7 mins strength workouts at home, app does more but not yet tried other sessions.
What3Words – always know where you are, interesting to see words linked to a 3m square and provide easy direction, hope not to need in an emergency but knowing I have it is reasuring.
Garmin Connect – live tracking so Mike knows when I’m back for dinner! or where I’ve been exploring, group challenges also logged as well as health – heart rate, sleep, active minutes etc.
Training Peaks – mother of all activity dashboards, app allows quick uploads and visual feed back – aim of the game to go green. Long term planning of training on PC feeds into app and calender for daily reminders and recording.
Wattbike – from peanut pedal form to watts, speed, leg balance, heart rate this app tracks it all when linked to the Wattbike. The in app sessions such as Eat the Elephant, Under & Overs, Getting Speedy can push you to the max.
Podcasts – I subscribe to a variety of podcasts that I listen to on dog walks, including triathlon, F1, music, celebs, news, crime – an eclectic mix.

Even though I’ve not had much of a triathlon race season I will continue into October with the same plans as September 5/7 days of activities although will add a few more minutes each week in Off Season mode. Still not too triathlon focused but enjoying a mix of activities including running with my dog as it cools down, a few muddy trail runs and when asthma dictates and I need to head indoors to the Wattbike or pool I will do so (I suffer in the cold and smoke from bonfires).

Do you have any favorite apps that you use or recommend ? Habit tracker, yoga, podcasts….

what 3 words

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  1. I’m on Strava, Endomondo, Ride with GPS and Garmin Connect. There’s good reason for so many, but it’s a long story. Thankfully, the apps take less than ten minutes out of my day!

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