Week 42 – Variety of activities

With the tail end of my cold sore throat lingering I still managed to sniffle and snort through 8 hours of activities this week with a good mix of sports.

  • Swim x1          1000m
  • Run x3            12.5 miles
  • Bike x1            24 miles
  • Netball x2       2.5 hours
  • Badminton x1  55 mins
Netball training was mainly defence skills which came in useful on Thursdays match as I was asked to play for the C team due to the three ambulances and half dozen injured players both A and C team short of players. Still seeking a win in the league 21:14.
Whilst I hated Running club session as I was brining up the rear of the pack whilst trying to get my breath between sneezes and clearing my nose, I know I need to keep going and include an interval session in my weekly training. The bypass is marginally better than the treadmill !
Ended up Billy no mates on Fridays bike ride as other 3 girls occupied as kids on half term. Beautiful day, so headed up to Avebury Stone Circle, it was packed with walkers, motorcycles, coach tours and dog walkers. Coffee and flapjack to fortify me for return ride home. Fresh but clear dry day.
Was good to be back in the pool and I’ll try and do a couple of lunch time swims on Tuesdays and Thursdays before Netball. Shame pool closing for major repairs in November & December, but has  to be done and should be even better pool when retiled.

Badminton social as fun as ever but we all seemed off our game with more misses than hits, but very amusing at each others expense.


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