Stripped to buff 3 times this week

Could have done with more signs on run and ride

Weather was the biggest impact on the week just gone, 3 times I had to strip off in front of the washing machine as I was wet, muddy or covered in cow shit !

After waiting 3 weeks to get outside on a bike I took my old Le Monde for a spin & splash around the country lanes. Farmers have been muck spreading and ploughing so for first time this week I was plastered in mud as well as a good heavy rain shower to soak me through and flood the road. Kept upright but made mistake of stopping on Bencroft hill, had to coast down and go at it again. Chest heaving at the top as I gulped in wet rain filled air. But at last I got outside to rode. First strip off in front of washing machine.

Tuesday I met up with James at St Marys University track in Twickenham for some technique coaching and new touters drills – pencil hops, directional reverse lunges and lane leaps – now I only have really short legs so very hard session for me. Debs also had an hours video analysis. Tough session – cursing James by the evening in a good way 🙂

I lost Megan at the end of a walk,  she was away for 5 hours in the dark and fog on Wednesday – after hours of calling whistling walking and driving the 4×4 around the nearby fields she finally found her own way home. She was wet, bedraggled, knackered and when I held her in my arms soon smelt she was also covered in cow shit ! So a nice bubble bath for Megan and second strip off in front of washing machine for me.

Megan just before she bolted off for 5+ hours

Quick whizz around circuits focusing on core and arm strength. Fog came in again so did a turbo brick. Turbo in front of TV, Idiot abroad -Jordan entertained me and then a 1 mile run. Blooming freezing on run as only had cycle shorts and t-shirt on ! But at least dry and warm on bike.

Saturday I saw 2 British World champion triathletes – Chrissie Wellington & Helen Jenkins. I was actually exchanging tweets with Helen the night before. Stocked up on NUUN, gels, socks, new TRIZOO suit – hope it looks as good on me !

Trizoo Paradise Chic trisuit

Sunday can only be described as the toughest run I have EVER done. Set off in torrential rain, cycle path flooded, hail stones pinging off our faces, chilling wind and dark clouds never leaving us, ankle deep in mud. By the time we got home after 16 miserable miles Karen and I were covered in mud upto and beyond our knees. At least we kept our sense of humour – just ! So third and final strip in front of washing machine and one ruined mud stained pair of socks.

It got a lot worse than this on our 16 miler

What a wet week.

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