Route 66, US National Parks & Cities

Our 3 week road trip was absolutely amazing. Starting at on the sunny Californian coast at Santa Monica we headed out west on Route 66 via Needles, Flagstaff on our way to the Grand Canyon.
The majority of our trip was within the diverse geological offered by the US National Parks including:
Grand Canyon – amazing scale and overwhelming force of water on rock over 260million years.
Bruce Canyon – burnt orange rocks stacks called Hoodoo’s formed by the wind
Zion – desert / green canyon perfect for horse ride
Lake Powell – miles of beaches, lake filled by Colorado river and controlled by Glen Canyon dam
Death Valley – 283 feet below sea level. Flat salt pan fill valley floor. Beautiful scenery & hot !
Yosemite – waterfalls, granite rock, spring snow still on edges, bear country
Monument Valley – home of Hollywood western films. Rock plinths, stacks, arches in beautiful desert
Muriel woods – home of huge Redwood Sequoia trees, 100meters tall, full canopy.
Contrasting cities of Las Vegas and San Francisco. LV is just wrong ! Desert location but an oasis of swimming pools, ice bars, casinos, shows, restaurants, bars, fountains & fireworks.
Some highlights tracked via Facebook in pictures and comments on route.however I did manage a couple of bike rides, swims and runs whilst away. But heat, conditions and environment made it hard to do more. But hey it was a holiday 🙂
We had mule rides, river rafting, cruiser by cycles along coastline and valleys, Jeep and Hummer tours, hiking in desert, canyons, forests, parks and cities, shooting a Glock & AK-47, helicopter ride, Vegas show, Navajo & naturist guides, met many characters on route that would made our trip.
This is just to explain my blog absence! Back to training and triathlon related blogs soon.
But this was a once in a lifetime awesome road trip. Words & photos don’t do it justice but them memories are forever.














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