Training begins again

The middle of the Jubilee celebrations weekend marked 12 weeks to my first middle distance Half ironman triathlon this is local in the Cotswolds and 17 weeks to my second marathon where I will be going North of he border to run Loch Ness, Inverness.

Celebrating Diamond Jubilee at 50’s Night The Foxham Inn

I’m tackling running first as this will be the best at helping me get rid of excess USA weight. Ran with Vicky, Karen and Emma over the weekend covering 21 miles.

The nicest training was getting back into the lake of the first time this year. It was fresh,clear, warm (ish) and about 60 swimmers out there. Met up with Sian, Kirsty, Keith, Steve T & Steve B. 1500m was a breeze felt as if I was a perfect torpedo streamlined fish actually passing quite a few on my first lap. The wind got up and I got a mouth full turning the last buoy heading back to shore. Good job I can bilateral breath.

Unfortunately the weather has not been kind for cycling so I dusted off the spiders webs from my spokes and pumped the tyres ready for a dry spell to get out and spin those Felt wheels again. Will be totally different to the cruisers bikes we hired in the US which had saddles as wide as the Western Horse saddles we rode on and tyres as fat as a cobra.

Newly revised training plan drafted out which allows for me working at the Olympic Games plus I have a few races to use for training purposes planned in.

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