First Triathlon of the year

We are not far off the longest day and middle of summer but it still feels like we are just coming out of winter with the storms battering our countryside. I went to pick up my race pack on a cold windy and damp Saturday afternoon and walked the run course – wellies would have been first choice at this stage, but decided on trail shoes.

Trail shoes required for multi terrain triathlon

Well the morning of the race and weather gods were were kind to us and with a 9:30 wave start no ridiculous early start all was looking good for my first race of the season,first race on the carbon Felt bike and first multi-terrain triathlon. The only first I was unlikely to get was a first place, especially as they rejected my claim to be categorised in the over 70’s age group !

The Swim
This was very relaxed and gentle after the initial washing machine effect at the start. There was more than enough space yet 40 swimmers all seems to be within a meter of me to either side on top and I’m sure one swam under me otherwise it was a great big fish ? I can out of the water fresh, calm and relaxed – I really shouldn’t have held back so much sightseeing to save myself for the ride & run. Not to self I can swim faster and should. 20minutes paddling around lake.

Wetsuit slipped off a dream, only half a stick of Bodyglide used. Decided to add a t-shirt as windy an a defence from wind chill on the bike. Beep, beep over timing mat and I was off on the country roads just me and my bike.

The ride
Was in technology darkness as my watch had been accidentally stopped, my bike computer wasn’t receiving so no idea of time, speed or distance. I shouted each marshal to find out what KM marker I was at along the way. Four stop and unclips required – good practise I suppose ! but slowed my progress. Two were for church congregations coming out and two on junctions – unlucky but thats they way its goes sometimes. The ride was really warm and t-shirt not really required. The wind whipped across Kemble airfield and hit me sideways for a good few miles. undulating ride and rattle the teeth a few times on the potholes, grimacing that my wheels and frame would take the hits OK. 1 hour 5mins riding country roads.

I really shouldn’t have a natter in T2 with competitors who have finished (Jim) but I was relaxed and when I finally got my trail shoes tied up with a double bow so those pesky branches couldn’t undo them I was ready  to run. Cap on but forgot to take t-shirt off.

The run
Instantly stripped t-shirt off and left with first marshal at water station. 4 laps around the lake collecting a fetching coloured band each lap. i shouted my colour request each time which they kindly obliged, however wouldn’t double my band count per lap for less than a tenner which unfortunately I wasn’t carrying at the time. Never mind head up I slipped and sliced my way through the mud and bushes avoiding nettles and thistles best I could. Each lap was around 10 seconds slower than the previous probably as my shoes gained mud weight. After being reassured I wasn’t the last on course  had a rainbow of bands and was clear to run down the finish shot at the edge of the lake. Pip took my timing chip off, I poured water over my sweaty head and was tempted to jump back in the lake to cool down and wash mud & sweat off myself. 40 minutes for cross country run effort.

The finish
Very pleased to have the first race done. The bike behaved beautifully ( apart from computer), the off road run was different, the lake clear and warm. My finish time not spectacular but I really enjoyed the race. Very well organised by Events Logic and great that nearly all marshals knew my name – a real boost and friendly atmosphere. At least not many bikes left in transition so easy for me to find the kit I had flung around in T1 &T2. Rubens still guarding the area, good dog. Recovery shake, dry clothes then headed off home for a kip ! Great day. 2 hours 8 minutes. 13th lady.

Events Logic 3/4 standard distance tri. 1100m swim / 30km ride / 7km run. Lake 62 Cotswold.

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