Janathon day 8 Shoot day

Today’s activity included over four hours of hill walking around the pleasant Wiltshire countryside with my trusty Beretta 12 gauge shotgun.

One of three local shots I am a syndicate member of, this being the poshest of all – we have a beaters wagon, port & drinks break, cooked breakfast & dinner at local pub, more beaters & dogs than guns.

Only downside I had was a jammed gun, second barrel not firing on penultimate drive. But some cracking birds, flushes and super fast woodcock, high pheasants and flurries of partridge.

Good fresh country air, a great social day out and good shooting all round.

Our little Cocker Spaniel pup was out with Mike and has finally mastered weighting and balance the larger cock birds in her mouth, even if she has to lay it down and readjust she managed to pick up a few bigger birds today.



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