Janathon day 13 Rough & Tumble


Rough & Tumble = Tough & Stumble !

Ten miles of mud, a vertical climb of 300m, half a km of freezing cold calf depth muddy water to wade through, a stream at start & finish. Worst conditions ever.

But what an adventure ! Maybe could have be 10 to 15 mins quicker but stuck with Vic & Joe who were having a few problems, but better running with company.

Took me a good couple of hours, plenty of tea, change of clothes and a hot bubble bath to warm up afterwards. I’ll deal with my trail shoes tomorrow.

Great signs along route, ‘Mud, sweat & Hills’, ‘The only way is up’, ‘Caution mud ahead’ Friendly marshals, loads of Jelly Babies at drinks stations.

The worst bit they ran out of cakes & tea at end 😦 So stopped at Devine cafe on way back.

All good endurance training 🙂 But so cold didn’t get above 2c and minus 4c with wind chill & shade. Nice to have sun out. I’d do it again as was fun running with friends if you don’t want to race it.

Need to respect it ! 2 hours 20minutes of mud running fun, even muddy going up vertical climb 🙂

Got massage with Trinny tomorrow, can’t wait !

I earns this medal today :-elevation profile.



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