Fast February

Where did January and Janathon go ? Feels odd not blogging everyday, but throughout 2013 I will continue to blog about training, races and the best of life.

While January was base building for my marathon training which finally seems to be back on course after weather & work tried their best to derail it. I’m back on target and even ahead on my 2011 training pattern.

Sunday saw my longest run longest since Loch Ness marathon at end of September, 14 miles up & down the undulating A4 from home to Chippenham.

Following a friends suggestion I am following the Fast Diet – intermittent fasting – 5:2. So for 5 days a week I can each whatever I want, no restrictions, no forbidden foods, no guilt ! The other 2 days I am restricted to 500 calories (lucky men get 600). Ideally this is split over 2 meals breakfast & dinner. As much water and no calorie drinks all day long.

Day 1 Fast-diet and so far so good, didn’t feel too hungry at all today and even getting to enjoy black coffee & green tea again. Reminds me of student days when my milk always disappeared from the fridge in student halls of residence.

Whilst I’d love to lose the extra half stone or more that I have gained since my 2011 London marathon, I’m hoping for more health benefits. The diet claims which has been proven by medical research to increase longevity, reduce blood pressure, give organs a rest by mini detox and reduce risk of diabetes and heart attacks both of which are rampant in my family history.

With a bit of luck this reduced mass to haul along 26.2 miles will make me faster too 🙂

I’ll report weekly on Fast Diet progress.

Starting weight 141lb

Day one completed on 497 calories, same again Thursday.



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