70 days to go

For the second week in a row I have clocked over 30 miles and run the furthest since Loch Ness marathon last September.

A good mix of runs this week added to the totals and feel I’m getting stronger. Runs included forcing myself around town where I battled with the gale force winds that were screaming across the SW.

The following day I headed to the windless environment of the gym and plugged in the iPod and followed Audiofuels Run Faster with Chrissie – this a tough sweat feast interval session of 52 minutes. But at least proved I had some speed in my legs – not a lot but some.

Thursday I swooped cars with the hubbie so that I could get out and embrace the wild weather and countryside of Wiltshire with my dog, Megan. We enjoyed 6 miles of mud, chalk, ice and grass trails up to Cherhill monument and White Horse. The views are amazing and Megan whilst not very talkative compared to my 2 legged friends is great company.

Then Saturday was my big one this week, sweet 16 miles. However the weather was not playing nice and hovered at 1c, I huffed and puffed like a dragon along and back the A4 from Calne to Chippenham. Instead of stopping for more water at 8 miles I upgraded to a cuppa tea at the golf course cafe to warm up. Had two Bloks at miles 5 & 10, was planning 5,9,13 but lost a Blok on route – duh!

My new Nike Traix16 shoes are now officially my main training shoes, all good and much more cushioned and lively than my old ones which are nearing 400 miles. Had to loosen one lace a little but all good.

Upon returning home after a coffee stop at my gym, again to warm my hands up it was recovery shake, in a nice warm jacuzzi bath, cuppa tea and a fried egg sandwich.

Sod the ice baths I was cold enough on route ! The egg sandwich was a celebrate that spring is on the way as our chickens have started laying again 🙂 yippee

To top the week off I got confirmation in the post that I’m in the inaugural London Ride 100, this is a closed road 100 mile Sportive starting at the Olympic Park, following the Olympic road route out to Box Hill then back to a finish on The Mall. Very excited 🙂

So all round a good solid strong week.




    • Thanks, luckily I have an easy week this week 🙂
      Started with a massage yesterday and a few easy miles today done.
      Yep this weather is so cold/windy/wet/snowy ….etc etc Come on springtime

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