Strokes, solo run & snow

It’s been a few weeks since I blogged but I have been a little busy and distracted.

The good news is I have logged 4 weeks with 30 plus miles, I have also been busy with work – that’s good as it pays for my race fees and my desire for new gear & gadgets 🙂

The not so good part is that my lovely old lady – Tilly our 12.5 year old springer spaniel had a stroke so was in the vets for a few days then allowed home to recover. She’s still quite unsteady at times walking into walls and falling over but she bounces up and carries on. She has a head tilt and looks at you in an inquisitive manner. At first she was dazed and confused but not in pain and has responded well to medication and improving each day.

The weather has also been grey, drizzle, subzero and snowy which has made for a few very chilly runs. I have managed to do most of my training outside wrapped up against the elements. A few more trail runs with muddy Megan. Also my running mate Pat was back out running after recovering from foot surgery, so a couple of hilly road 5 milers with her.

Due to sickness, injury and unavailability I have done two long runs of 16 and 18 miles solo.
The 16 miles was to Chippenham park with a tea and wee stop as so cold.
The 18 miler was in silence as well as my iPod has no power but running along in the snow flurries and sunshine I was dead chuffed with this run as non stop, descent pace at 10:30 min/miles and I got my clothing & fueling spot on. Even better whilst I felt tired that Saturday night I had no aches, muscle soreness or pains at all.

I really enjoyed the solo silent 18 mile run as I was able to take in and absorb my surroundings and sounds as no chatting or music. The three hours didn’t seem that long at all and I felt I had more miles in my legs just not time in hand that day.

Now I’m sitting at Gatwick airport in the gloomy grey waiting for a flight to whisk me off the the Italian snow for a weeks snowboarding – all good cross training for the marathon.




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