Janathon day 31 Hills & Headwinds

Boy was it tough out there today – hills & headwinds for the full five miles.
The sun was out and it was too good to be indoors, but the wind was evil, the roads still like rivers and a short shower doused me mid run.

Janathon done – I have run on roads, snow, trails, in mud, up hills, along rivers, over grassland, in forests, along a beach and on a treadmill. Plus I’ve walked hills when shooting & dog walking.

Janathon = 87 running miles. More miles ahead for on going London marathon training, 12 weeks to go.

Triax 15 green have 325 miles on them and compared to my new Triax 16 are starting to feel flat and have lost their spring – or maybe it was just me feeling tired with 2 back to back run days both battling with the wind.

Janathon participantDone 🙂


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