Janathon day 30 Pushing it

Jumped out of bed, grabbed my phone did push-ups & plank followed by a roll with the foam.

OK reality I woke up slowly, drank a cuppa that my hubby kindly made for me, pushed myself to do something good to start the day.

First I did the next session of my 100 Push-ups on my iPhone. In the 60 second rest periods I added five 30 seconds planks, all good for the core. Its been about 10 days since I did these so happy to knock out 25 push-ups.

The pushed my self onto to the foam roller for five minutes more – not too bad at all.

I had pushed back my run with Vic until 11am as it was chucking it down but forecast said improving as day went on. What I didn’t notice was the red warning triangle, I’m so used to seeing it for floods, rain or snow I didn’t actually read to see what it was for this time.

Well I soon found out what the red triangle was – gusty winds of 75mph !

The run to Lydiard park was relatively easy with the tail wind, but only 55mph at this point. Two coffees each and a teacake later and the wind had picked up to gale force and gusting at 75mph – agghh.

We pushed into this headwind for 2 solid miles, it was so strong that we ran in silence, unknown for Vic and I but the wind was just too strong, we had to push on. Caps went flying and the recycle bins were being blown towards us it was like a challenge in Wipeout.

Anyway 5 solid miles run, total mileage 6 as we walked a bit as Vic knee niggling so backed off into a run/walk.

There were the first signs of spring in Lydiard Park with snowdrops starting to appear under the trees.

snowdrops in Lydiard Park

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