Top ten – running mates, anniversary, countdown

The final countdown – 10,9,8,7,6,……..RACE DAY


As I type this I have one knee in a compression sleeve with is periodically iced and topped up with ibuprophen as required 😦
Seemed to have tweaked it – either on treadmill run Wednesday or whilst walking around London yesterday with the twins. We were on and off escalators and tubes most of which I was juggling a hand full shopping and 5 two years olds. So cancelled tonights run, I’ll see how it is for Parkrun in the morning.


I have about a week until my marathon. The goal from the previous months shifts from mileage, intensity, hills and strength training to simply: Get to the starting line in one piece on 21st April for the 2013 London marathon.


It’s a time to just relax, rest, protect, avoid those with lurgies, hold steady to stay the course. It’s also a time for reflection –

Was my training perfect? No.

Was it good? Am I happy with it? YES.


I hit constant higher weekly mileage than I ever have before. I did all the long runs, did speed work and some hill and trail runs some with my dog Megan, and so far no major or even minor injuries. Not a single bruise, blister or black toenail, I still have pretty feet !


Top ten – I have had a great mix of ten running mates. No two runs have been with the same group, of the rotating runners some have been there for the full distance on long runs others dropping in and out for lesser miles but still all offering full support and encouragement. Thank you girls.


Taper time – whilst the miles and hours of training drop away it feels like my weight is pilling on ! I’m dreading waking in the morning to find I have gained 7 lb’s overnight.


I am trying in these last couple of weeks to ignore my itchy feet and do less running, the carbo loading is easy for me it just that my rest / food balance is way out of whack, in favour of too much food !


Now just a few runs to keep the legs ticking over, reassure myself that my shoes are fine, fit and comfy even if not clean due to the Wiltshire mud from the wild weather we have experienced through winter training.


Its time to trust in the training & taper and look forward to the marathon and life beyond race day.


I have already promised Megan that I will get her back out running the trails with me, poor dog has got chunky in last 6 weeks as I haven’t run with her in case she tripped me up. She’s on a diet !

I have promised my hubbie that I’ll get the house work done and a proper spring clean after the marathon, house work has been relegated big time.

I will also be able to return to a social life and the local pubs as the long runs will not dictate my bedtime and lack of alcohol pre run.


But at the end of this training block I have really enjoyed this lot  marathon training apart from the cold which I really have struggled with. All but one run has been in 2 pairs of long tights/Skins.


The race is in sight and only a few sleeps, handful of miles to run and mountain of pasta and potato to consume then I’ll be toeing the line with 45,000 other runners all dreaming, hoping, praying and looking for the finish line 26.2 miles away.


This year I want to absorb and enjoy the journey of the race so I will run without my iPod. I will take in the sight, sounds and any food on offer along the way – please let there be beer & chips again for me 🙂


If anyone would like to donate and support me I am running for the British Heart Foundation as this is the 10th anniversary  of my dad’s death.


    • As ready as I can be now. Weekend plans were Parkrun 5k then local 10k Sunday.

      I’ll see how I get on tomorrow.

      Then less than 10 miles to run before the big day …..

      There’s nothing more I can or should do now but rest, fingers crossed and recover.

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