Knee niggle & Olympic legacy

Happy Mondays everyone, why so chirpy ? Well my knee niggle nightmare a week before London marathon has responded to RICE treatment 🙂 Phew that was scary & too close to race day.

I think I tweaked it on the treadmill on Wednesday doing my last interval session. Then I was walking a lot on Thursday around London with my sisters 5 year old twins. Then by Friday my left knee was not happy and quite painful.

Operation RICE into action. Compression sleeve with flexible ice packs were stuffed into place and changed as they melted quicker than a polar ice cap in summer. Spent most of the day on the sofa, leg on a pile of cushions catching up on TV that I’ve recorded but never got around to watching. I opted to miss Saturdays Parkrun as still feeling a little tender and now switched treatment up to heat and massage – Natural Hero Hot Ginger muscle rub seemed to do the trick and smells so much better than Deep Heat.

I volunteered to give back to sport on Sunday, see Lord Coe, London 2012 Olympic legacy in action 🙂
Desperate to test the knee out I offered to be the sweeper for the local 10k race. Really satisfying bringing home 2 girls as it was their first 10k and they were being sponsored for £300 so wanted to finish.
Very hard running slower than natural slow pace so Karen & I ran on to next marshal & turn where we waited for the two girls. We did let Loren cross the line ahead of us so no last place on her chip time

I’ve been last & can be very lonely out there on course, this one had three turn points so I wanted to make sure they didn’t go astray.

Anyway Monday morning and knee is all good, however slept in my SKIN tights last night just to keep legs & knee in check.

Into the last Taper week which will consist of a massage today, 3 miles Tuesday, marathon expo Wednesday, 2 miles Thursday, rest Friday & Saturday. Hubbie & I getting train up to London & hotel near the start Saturday.

Then the big run on Sunday :0) scared & excited. I’m as ready and prepared as I can be, but I have learnt from my previous two marathons to expect the unexpected and deal with it on the day.
I’ve finished marathons in extreme heat, with killer hills, lost a tooth but always finished with a smile on my face, enjoyed the support and had no trips to a medical tent.

Bring it on…. 🙂

Took the twins to see Her Majesty on Thursday in Hamleys, I will remember to wave to her at Buckingham palace on Sunday as I pass with only 200m down The Mall to the finish 🙂



  1. Remember also to wish HRH a happy birthday too as you sprint (!) by. Love the phrase ‘expect the unexpected and deal with it on the day’ will take this with me. So glad the knee is better.

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