Golden Nuggets takeaway – Write This Run

No I’m not talking about a McD’s drive through and a meal deal, I am finally getting around to writing up my first Bloggers event I have attended – the amazing Write This Run.

As I’m a bit slow to the post event blogger party, see speed really isn’t my thing, just like my running times, there are already loads of amazing blogs posted that reflect our Sunday in sumptuous surroundings of Hampton Court golf course. Without sounding lazy and repeating all the other detailed beautiful blogs I suggest you Google ‘Write this Run’, find the Facebook page or trawl through the masses of tweets for #writethisrun.

The event was brilliant, exceeded my expectations and left me buzzing with ideas, information overload, emotions jangling, a burning desire and a bucket of tools to help me be a better blogger and runner going forward.

The event was relaxed, friendly, well organised and the only event I have attended where we haven’t been told to switch off smartphones. We were free to Tweets & snap away all day. I still got writers cramp as I filled my little notebook with the following nuggets.

I have decided to focus on the little things, the golden nuggets that should be planted into each blog as a takeaway for the reader, with the effect that they will want to come back for seconds and more. Or applied when running to make us lighter and more efficient (I live in hope).

  • Scott Overall 25km boost in marathons – x4 Proplus in his Gatorade bottle, that is probably a better way to focus the mind than my beer stop at 22miles at London marathon this year 🙂
  • Contactless credit cards are not effective when running, you need to squeeze & lean. Karen Weir was reenforcing form over footwear and effortless running. Whilst encouraging us to hit the wall (chest first, not fuel depleated). Run gently. Engage those hammies to rest the glutes especially in triathlon. You had to be there for the demonstrations.
  • Never stop running unless it is absolutely the only option. Running has the power to change lives, attitudes, confidence, mood & mind, bodies and goals – yours and others. Kevin, Donna & Mimi had amazing stories and experiences to motivate, scare and encourage us to get out and run.
  • Challenge Dr’s opinions, stick 2 fingers up to negatives – can’t, shouldn’t, don’t, never.
  • Be yourself, find your own voice and style. We all have a unique story to tell. Write quality, regular, informative, friendly, funny blogs from the heart for both yourself and your readers. Write well and readers will return for seconds.
  • Spend 50% of your online time on your own blog and 50% connecting with others.
  • Add locations to tweets so you can tweet & meet others such as races, Parkruns or events, you never know who’s out there near you now.
  • Online friends are real friends, some even know you better than family and those in your daily life. Even better when you get to meet in person. I have met many good friends from Janathon/Juneathon, Twitter, Facebook and now Write This Run has provided faces behind the online presence. I have now loaded the new found Bloglovin’ app with many new friends to follow.
  • Blogs can be your own personal soap, an overall outline of your life story or specific interests and each post is an episode, snapshot or chapter of that life. Be honest, be professional, be yourself.
  • Don’t tweet, blog or post when you are drunk ! If you do, then hit delate as soon as you sober up. Ensure you spell check & proof read, have a friend do a sanity/ simplicity test – do they get it ?
  • As a super sweater, I can fill a small child’s paddling pool whilst on a turbo or treadmill I now know how to calculate my liquid loss and how to replenish electrolytes & fluid while in a tri race.
  • Deer dont like rain and golfers don’t dress like runners/bloggers.
  • Keep blog posts to around 300 words and post 2 to 3 times a week. OK failed on this post but this is my one weekly 900 word blog so averaged out as a one off.
  • An actual takeaway was the bursting goody bag. Who doesn’t like a medal and goody bags post event or race ?! No medals but a personal name badge displaying our blogs & @twitter names was appropriate. The goody bag was full of my favourite brands, maybe I’m a marketing persons dream as I have adopted previous samples in to my daily brands of choice. Balega sock was the gold prize for me, followed by GU gels & Gatorade drink in silver and bronze was a tie between the Clif bar and Micham deodorant.

At the end of the day I felt like I had raided the goldmine and had enough nuggets to takeaway and give me running and blogging riches to sustain me forever.

Thank you and well done Liz & Laura, you have started something great. Looking forward to future events. As a reluctant runner I would love a triathlon based event bringing in swimmers & cyclist with more triathlete speakers how about – Tri & Write for 2014 ?

@Cakeofgoodhope created this flow diagram of the day, thanks for sharing.






  1. I loved your summary! I want to save all these posts so that when I need inspiration, or get down a bit I can look back on the day and be motivated all over again!

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