The Art of Juggling

I have managed to complete all my planned sessions of my first weeks 70.3 training program from coach Neil thanks to the art of juggling life, weather, runs, rides, swims and events.



In fact i have quite liked the challenge and has kept things interesting, like playing chess against a combined team of mother nature and life. Check-mate I did it all.

Training sessions and blogging were the main activities this week for me. The training consisted of swimming & cycling time trials, getting into the lake and breaking the ice, tempo & trail runs, long windy rides in gusty gale force winds & turbo sessions watching torrential rain pour off the garage door.

OK it wasn’t  that cold I needed an icebreaker for the lake but 15c water temp felt very fresh and invigorating. The 60mph gusts of wind were just dam right scary as they snuck out of gaps in hedges and through farm gates trying to flip me off my bike or push me back downhill with a headwind. 

I needed to juggle sessions around blogs and blogging which was a big part of my week which saw me setting up a new blog – for work. This will be a central point for gathering CO news and events.


I also attended an event for runners & bloggers – Write This Run at Hampton Court all day Sunday. This was really helpful for work and personal interest. Blogging & social media tips and experts on hand, inspiring speakers, training & nutrition advisors on hand as well as Olympic Scott Overall sharing stories and a chance to run him.


The most exciting news I received was that I have been accepted as a Special Constable and start training this week. This means a bit more juggling my weeks going forward such as  running club night will have to give way to police training and I have to sacrifice a few Saturday activities for a few months, so no Parkrun until November for me. Looking at my Specials modules that have been compressed into 6 months which overlaps my 70.3 training I made the decision to defer my London 100 Ride until 2014. Getting up to 100miles of cycle fitness on just one day per weekend as well as getting all my 70.3 training sessions in was a big ask. I think my coach was actually relieved for me.

I called Ride100 and no problem in deferring and I will be guaranteed entry next year so not all lost, also as this is the inaugrial event they should have the teething troubles resolved by next year. Whilst it would have been great to get in on the first ride 70.3 & Specials are greater priorities for me at the moment.

So with a bit of canny juggling I have managed to get my life and training fitted neatly into one week with no losses, compromises or stray balls. It has also got me thinking – Where are my actual juggling balls ? Used to find them so relaxing and perfect for the garden in the summer.



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