#Juneathon day 21 Jab & Lube

“Just a small scratch coming up….”
That’s the nice bit, it’s feeling the virus being squeezed out of the syringe at the end of a couple if seconds that’s most painful. But I was brave held the cottonwood ball in place and sat quietly drinking water as directed.
2nd Hepatitis B injection done, not back for 5 months now for number 3.
Whilst paid for and provided by the police I’m sure it will also help whilst swimming around the various docks & lakes & water I choose for triathlon.

I then turned my attention to cleaning, lubing & checking my bike so it’s race ready for Sunday. This will be my second Bristol triathlon in a row.

Weather looking rubbish but I’ve been optimistic and put Dry Lube on the bike. Hoping it won’t be more than damp on the day ??

Lifting heavy shopping bags counted as weight training and laundry as stretching so I’ll count today as domestic chores cross training for Juneathon.



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