#Juneathon day 27 Double Dip Day

Today was a double dip day.

First a pool session, 300m reps, first 100m sprint flat out simulating race starts, last 300m race pace. Getting a regular Thursday lunchtime with the oldies breast stroking & paddling up & down.

Then the second dip date was in the lake with Debs this evening. I also had a 20minute run to do which in hindsight I should have done at lunchtime in the sun.

It’s bloomin hard trying to get a wetsuit on when your tri suit is already soaked. I ran around the lakeside in the pouring rain past an empty beach, BBQ’s and car park, funny that !

After a ten minute struggle I was zipped up and ready to swim a couple of consecutive loops. Another 1900m swim done.

So double swim & a run all done in a day, finished off with fish & chips. Swimming always makes me ravenous.



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