#Juneathon day 28 High Humidity

As the alarm went off it was nearly drowned out by the downpour of rain pelting the velux window in our bedroom. The sky was dark grey and humidity 100% as it was pissing down.

Ping ping – a text from my riding partner of the day- “Shall we delay the morning ride ?” “Oh yes” was my reply !

Finally the rain stopped and the roads dried out so I headed off along the country lanes. But the humidity was very high so I was wet, clammy and sweaty within 3 miles or so. No sign of the sun. But at least no standing water splashing up my legs into my face or down my back.

I’m getting used to riding in windy conditions but wet rides are just grim.

Hopped off the bike when home and ran out & back for ten minutes just to get the legs used to transitions.

Humidly dropped to about 85% but my kit was soaked in sweat, a muggy old day. High humidity and high pollen levels today made things a little tougher in the saddle.



  1. Well done, it was one of those funny not really warm, but very sticky days. We didn’t have much rain here, but yuck. The change from bike to run on the legs is so odd, it always feels as if my legs are on backwards for about the first mile.

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