#Juneathon day 29 exam pressures & relax

Passed my first police exam this morning 🙂

Sweaty palms, nervous energy, couldn’t eat breakfast and worried like mad.

I’d swotted, read the book, read the book again, went trough my notes and handouts, memorised all the acts of theft etc. would it be enough ?

Driving to the exam I realised it has been 28 years since I last sat down for a formal exam, that was my A levels. Exam room memories came flooding back – dry mouth, hay-fever, sweaty palms, itchy nose ?! Nervous writing.

I came out after 35 minutes thinking “Oh shit !! ” Criminal damage questions – we haven’t even covered that in class, where did it came from ??

But I passed 🙂 In fact came joint top of the class, phew what a relief !

Then off to the relaxing surrounds of Bowood House. I was helping on registration answering triathlon related questions for novice competitors tomorrow. I’m actually helping and racing tomorrow. After 101 questions, walking the course I headed home to pack my own triathlon kit and have dinner with hubbie.

The course looks fabulous and I can’t wait to race tomorrow, although I’ll probably end up being last on the course as I’m in the last wave with all the young guns and GB Age-groupers !





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