The Zen of Triathlon Training – 14 Ways

This list of Zen ways for triathlon training was a re-post on Crushing Iron

14 ways to keep your 2014 Triathlon Season a “Zen out of Ten.”

1.  Simplicity leads to happiness and happiness keeps you consistent.

2.  Train hard when needed, train soft when needed. Do not train moderately hard all the time.

3.  Nutrition is the fuel; your body is the engine. You would not put bad gas in your car, so why put junk food in your mouth?

4.  Incorporate family into your triathlon life.

5.  Resting and sleeping is when the body rebuilds and gets stronger.

6.  There is a right amount of training and a right racing distance for you right now. That can and will change, which is good. Do not let your ego convince you otherwise.zen quotes

7.  Volunteering makes you a better triathlete and person.

8.  Triathlon training is not only for the sport, it’s for your life. The fitness gained improves your health, work, and family relationships.

9.  What you learn about yourself during grueling training will change your life.

10.  Do everything skillfully and with focus.

11.  Engage, learn, improve . . . then repeat.

12.  You can easily train for triathlons during the time most people waste watching TV.

13.  Use the energy of a like-minded team to enhance and magnify your Zen on good days, and lean on the energy of others on your poor days.

14.  Don’t compare this year to another. Each year is its own. Stay present and enjoy the ride.

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