2020 – Riding the waves, a different kind of year

2020 certainly has been riding a wave of uncertainty, a roller coaster of a year and really the only thing you can expect from it- is to expect the unexpected.

We now enter autumn 🍂 and as a nation try to hold back a second wave as new restriction are announced . Mainly the rule of six, early closing of pubs & restaurants, continue to WFH.


Whilst Covid-19 has sucked spontaneity out of daily life it’s time to look at the positives and what we can do and I have looked to try new adventures, experiences, activities, learning.

  • Virtual triathlon / running events – home surrounded by hills, fields, footpaths
  • On-demand & Facebook live BodyPump – barefoot outdoors in garden
  • SUP guided tours – Bristol harbour, lakes, rivers
  • Inland surfing at The Wave, hooked on this.
  • Step class – totally useless
  • Set alarm for a 6:45am (yes morning) BodyPump class
  • Yoga on SUP at lakes
  • TicTok – slightly addicted
  • Tuning into E-sports – virtual F1 / Le Mans
  • Home improvemnets including new front door, fence, painting, mats,
  • Black bean spaghetti – accidental purchase
  • Perfecting weekend pancakes.
  • Leaving home check list – mask, hand sanitizer, phone (contactless payment).
  • Pre-booking everything – at least you know you have a space/seat/lane/reservation etc essential as part of track & trace
  • Winner winner ! A number of online competition – McLaren F1 ZOOM call with drivers and team, Nicky Bartlett 1:2:1 call and Cliff goodies, Runderwear shorts, Beanies coffee ☕️.
  • Garmin Coach -10k and half marathon training plans – in case a race goes ahead this year.
  • Enjoying the great outdoors and a warm summer bathed in sunshine
  • Lucky to live in countryside – unlimited fresh clean air and asthma been the best since diagnosed.

So here we go into wave two a few memories from the first six months.

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