Harvest Full moon swim, 2021

What is the Harvest moon?

Harvest Moon is just a name, just like any other full moon name. But these autumn full moons do have special characteristics related to the time of moonrise. Nature is particularly cooperative in giving us dusk-till-dawn moonlight, for several evenings in a row, around the time of the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon often appears as a neon orange, reflecting the coming autumnal colours.

Sometimes in October, but this year it was 20th September and Lake32 arranged a night of good food, live music, fire pit, coffee and nature provided a golden globe, clear skies, inky black calm but remarkably warm silky water – perfect.

Glow sticks and lights attached for safety, we slipped into the water, bobbing and gliding around the 200meter loop there was excited chatter, an amazing view of the rising moon – beautiful.

This is a great transition swim from summer into Nippy Dippers and Polar Bear Challenges.

Getting ready – winter skins.

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