Frozen Toes

The main news story this week was them sub zero temperatures in what has been called Baltic Britain. In Calne we had a low of minus 11c two consecutive nights – the joys of a rural location as we’re completely exposed, so more wood on the fire, crank up the heating and close the curtains to the world.

After christening the dart board we headed home -10c

We were disconnected from the outside world, the broadband and telephone lines went dead thanks to our local farmer, who again cut the line when hedge cutting in the dark – bloody man.

I experienced frozen toes at least three times this week, first was with the sleet and sharp ice crystals stung my face as I had a session over at Twickenham on the track. The springy running track was more like a hard packed bobsleigh run and the cold crept throughout your body.

Our long slow 10 miler felt like 15 miles the cold and snow flurries made it feel like 15 miles. Starting at -5c it ‘warmed’ up to -2c but the last two miles my toes were frozen and even after rubbing and stretching still complained until I was drinking a recovery cuppa at Karens. The bubble bath on my return home was the best this year !

Frozen toes at -5c brrrhhhh!

So after Saturdays freezing run I decided that the turbo was the best option rather than riding outdoors, especially as the overnight snow was now partly frozen and roads would have been treacherous.  All set up with iPad, turbo, water bottles I was off an peddling like a fire breathing dragon, my breath filled the garage, the iPad at risk of freezing up and my water bottle overly chilled. After 50 mins ( an episode of Spooks) my toes were again frozen and whilst I had a healthy glow and sweat dripping off me I hopped off and packed up.

Before the snow came we had a hot air balloon fly over the house, you wouldn’t believe it was minus 8c, frosty , sunny and beautiful. I could see and hear the burners roaring and even snippets of conversation from the two pilots.

Beautiful but the must have been frozen !

The warmest activity this week was swimming, managed three sessions and a total of 4 miles. Loving the newly tiled pool at St Marys, and as a comparison swam at local leisure centre – a bit shabby and need of some DIY & TLC, but Deb and I could swim at a time that suited us on a Friday night.

Completed my ‘Janathon’ challenge – 30mins of exercise everyday in January.
My 31 day streak gave me 54 running miles and just over 43 hours of exercise.

Janathon challenge done 🙂
From my other interests this week saw the launch of the new F1 cars from Maclaren, Ferrari, Lotus, Force India, Lotus. So far all apart from Maclaren seem to have stepped noses, look like they have been broken or slid under a 40ft trailer.

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