Wet & Wild week

If the driving rain and wind don’t ease soon our wood burner will either flood or the bloody doors will be blown off ! The roads around the cottage are flooded, at least we have some elevation and next door is downstream to us.

Well mother nature has kept me off my bike for another week so with masters done on Monday and circuits on Thursday it was a running focus week, whatever the weather.

Wet, wet, wet that’s been the weather all week. With storm like wind scattering the patio furniture and we haven’t seen the bird feeder for a few days as it blew away across the fields it’s been as wash out for riding.

Managed to get 3 consecutive5 mile runs in. After realising that is has been 2 weeks since I last ran thought I’d better just get out there whatever the weather.

Friday night was post marathon party for the girls – pizza and champagne, a really perfect combination. Medals shown with pride, corks popped and bubble flowed. The wood oven pizzas were delicious and no washing up afterwards.

Then my bed & book lay in morning peace was shattered and the air turned blue as Mike bashed his foot on the door frame and broke his toe – bloody ouch. It is now very swollen, bruised and purple. But not much you can do for toes except manage the pain.

So I was driving to today’s village sausage & mash lunch and probably get to drive most in the USA next week. Good job it’s not a skiing holiday.

After last Sunday’s London marathon I’ve got my running mojo back and have new two races planned – the British 10k in London and second is a team 24 hour endurance team event. So far managed to get a team of 6 to run- camp-eat-sleep-run with me. 2 more space free girls if you fancy it ?

Time to get the wood burner on, batten down the hatches and catch up on tv whilst snuggling in for what feels like a winters night.

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