Where are the weekends going ?

July weekends are going in a flash. All exciting, some more knackering than others.

Last weekend 1st of the month I was running with friends in RUN24 for a 24 hours around the clock running challenge, it was exciting and scenic in Wasing forest.

Today I am about to head up to London for Olympic venue training at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich tomorrow morning. This is my final Team Leader Gamesmaker training for London 2012, then in 3 weeks time I’ll be up there working at the shooting events.

Train home then an early start on Sunday to get back to London for the British 10k around the streets of Westminster’s, The City and central London. I have got the mud off my shoes from yesterdays trail run, can’t take my muck into the city 🙂 If I get a really good time and the race starts punctually I may even get home for the British Grand Prix – otherwise Radio 5 Live will be just as exciting.

Next weekend 15th, its Bristol triathlon, for which I am wholly unprepared especially for the bike section due to this rubbish wet summer we are having. If wet it will be a steady ride out on the old Le Monde, the Felt only goes out in the dry !. I’ll treat it as a training session for Cotswold Classic 113 in August.

Weekend of 21st I get a chance to do a familiarisation ride and run around the Cotswold middle distance triathlon course, again another brick training session, just the 2 parts.

Final weekend of the month sees me at the start of the Olympics. The Royal Artillery Barracks has an opening ceremony on the Friday so my first day in action. The first medal of the 2012 Olympics will be won and presented by the president at the Barracks on Saturday morning. Look out for me on TV I’ll be in purple and red Gamesmaker kit ! 🙂



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