Gamesmaker Eve

After seeing a TV advert nearly 3 years ago to be part of London 2012 tonight I am on the eve of being a Gamesmaker and really being part of the greatest sporting show on earth 🙂
I’ve had my interviews, seven training sessions, security checks, collected my accreditation and uniform. Got all my shifts which allow me to get to games as a spectator as i have tickets for equestrian and into the velodrome. I’ll also be watching the men’s triathlon around Hyde Park.
Just need to pack everything I need for 2 weeks.
Getting excited about the games and my role as Event ServicesTeam Leader at Royal Artillery Barracks is an understatement 🙂
I’m bursting to get started.
The training has been fun and informative, the security reassuring, especially as I’ll be surrounded by about 500 guns and the teams of volunteers & venues are ready.
Declined a rehearsal ticket as need my sleep and could justify more days away from work. Looking forward to watching it on tv.
Earliest start, 5am Saturday as shooting will have the first medal ceremony of the games. Eyes of world on us and Olympic VIPs with us.
I’ll post what I can when I can – bring on the games




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