Best of British

First the worst of British – the weather.
I have fallen victim of the cold wet summer – following my weekend camping and swimming in the Bristol docks the cold weather and cold water has highlighted arthritis in my wrist 😦 
Wear and tear of sporting background – swimming, netball, squash, diving, mountain biking, plus age and genetics have also played a part, but it has been this miserable cold & wet start to summer 2012 that was the instigator.
Strapping, ibuprofen and rest will ease the pain, but not cure. Ongoing you will smell me before you see me in winter with Tiger Balm, my internals will be lubricated with cod liver oil and a new wardrobe of gloves will be bought ! What an excuse to go to Johnson’s in Elgin. Then as and when needed painkillers to manage the worst.

That’s the worst part of the week, I’m dealing with it, now the good parts are that the sun finally came out, hula hoops were back in the circuits session in the newly sanded and varnished sports hall and I got 2 good solid run sessions in – a hard effort Bug & Spider hill reps and a very hot 16 miler on Sunday morning in 22c temps.

Best of British –  the best news of the week was the efforts of our British sporting superstars, of which I was a proud supporter and avid watcher.
I have been watching the closing stages of the Tour de France and catching up on the highlights at night, ITV have done a great job and supported this race for years. To have the first British rider in 99 races of this epic event is awesome. Bradley Wiggins you deserve it – held your own in the mountains, dominated the time trials and was a gentleman and sporting following multiple punctures from tacks on the roads. Cavendish was as fast as a flash and a great supporting ride from Frome for second place. Team SKY were simply amazing and untouchable.

Jenson Button battled around Hockenheim and from a poor string of races where the only chance he had seeing the podium was through a telescope he was up there this race from a 6th place grid start. Two Germans actually helped him, Schumacher couldn’t back up his qualifying performance in the race and Vettal illegally passed Button with all 4 wheels off the track. So 3rd was promoted to 2nd post stewards investigation after the race. Hamilton had a horrid 100th race with Maclaren due to a puncture.

Now we are in Olympic week and the Greatest show on earth will be put on by Great Britain. Of course we are hoping Team GB will dominate the medal board and we will have plenty of reason to celebrate British successes.

I head up to London on Thursday for my Gamesmaker role for 2 weeks at the Royal Artillery Barracks for the shooting events. My uniform is washed – to get the creases out, extra plain socks purchased as they only provided 2 pairs ! and I’ve started to lay my stuff out to pack. Excitement mounting.

With 10 to 12 hours shifts it will be tiring but hopefully the excitement and adrenaline will see me through plus unlimited buckets for diet Coca-Cola and Cadburys chocolate. I also have tickets to enjoy the games as a spectator – equestrian and track cycling. We have our Team GB wardobe ready to show off our colours.

Not sure how much time I have during the games and social networking information is restricted but I will post as I can and a full report of my experience afterwards.

Best of British to all competitors and a shout out to the Jamaican team when no Brits there !

Enjoy the games everyone, as Gamesmakers we are prepared.




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