#Juneathon day 23 Bristol Triathlon – Olympic Distance

Bristol Triathlon – a tough race today with gale forces gusts to contend with on the bike.

A few minutes slower than last year and I had my collection of incidents – wrist & watch tangled in net around swim buoy, swore at and ducked by a competitor first time I have experienced swim rage in a race !, just avoided a small child on a scooter crossing in front of me on the bike, then I died at 8k on the run.

Improved on swim and bike times in the roughest punch up of a swim I’ve ever had and whilst I battled with the blasting winds on the bike.

The faster swim & bike times plus longer transition T1 run and gale force wind took their toll on me today. Whilst I passed one other person on the run I was overtaken by about 500 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Just missed getting a hug off Chrissie Wellington who was at the finish. But I still got a top 10 finish – 7th so not all bad, mind you there may only have been 7 or 10 in my age group ?!

Another day of Juneathon done. After a 5am start this has been a long long day – KNACKERED.com.










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