Six P’s – Pilates, pheasants, pool, puppy, police, pain

Six P’s in a week for me šŸ˜‰

Whilst I only started Pilates in the summer and been half a dozen times I have been moved into the advance group which involves foam rollers, small squishy balls, large Swiss balls and stretchy bands. Mastered the 100, frogs legs, helicopters, plank amongst a few that I remember the moves but not the names. At least now I do remember to breath and not hold my breath – get it right and it helps a lot ! With new moves I still feel the effects the next day, but feel my core tightening.



Tuesday was the start of the pheasant shooting season for me on one of the local syndicates. And it poured down so we were soaked in an instant, luckily it was still quite warm and I managed a change of outer clothes at lunch break. A small bag as the birds really didn’t want to fly – don’t blame them in the gale force winds and horizontal rain.

Time trail Ā – time to hit the pool for a 1,000m 40 length timed effort. 20 seconds off my summer time, or 1/2 second per lap. I may have lost some time as I tried to communicate to the lady I shared a lane with after about 25 lengths – I gasped ‘Keep to sides’ then ‘Doing time trial’ I apologised for my bluntness when I finished and she was fine about it and being a swimmer of similar pace and age she understood. I also lost my swim cap so had to pull it off and leave on side – all race simulation practise !

Meet Jango – the police puppy we are fostering.
Meanings and history of the name Jango: is a very special and unique name given to only the greatest of heroes, the meaning of the name Jango is “The strong and amazing”.Ā Jango Fett, the well-known bounty hunter from “Star Wars.”



As well as fostering a police puppy this week I also got my Police warrant card and a shield for Outstanding Student on my intake. I am now a Special ConstableĀ on probation based at a local station. Induction and first shifts been booked. Just need to pick up PAVA when locker key arrives then ready to hit the streets of Wiltshire.

A gift from friends for my Attestation




Pain – apart from the puppy’s needle like teeth and multi scratches that sting like mad when I get in the swimming pool. I have saddle sores on my coccyx ;-( Now I’ve not been on my bike for nearly a week ? Maybe the ride where I did forget to apply chamois cream then being soaked whilst marshalling and wearing wet jeans then getting wet again whilst shooting has aggravated it or even Pilates doing ball rolls?. Any way its a real pain in the backside literally and has put a stop to riding, turbo or running this week ;-(

A bit of a mixed and varied week but at least some triathlon training in there ! The extra revision, work, e-learning and practical practise for my police exams and tests paid off. The first tests and interviews back in January seem a long way back. 40 lessons totalling around 500 hours has come to an end. On probation now until I complete my SOLAP file to gain independent status. Now most of my weekends are free I will be able to get more training in with friends and the cycle club.




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