Pain in the backside – training suspended



A post on the not so glamourous side of cycling.  Not for the squeamish !

Seems my Doggy Duathlon ride last Friday was not good for my backside. I cycled to a friends in the rain, walked the neighbours dog around the block then rode back home. On top of this my backside along with the rest of me got two good soakings as I stood in the rain marshalling a local half marathon and then on a shoot day. Then Pilates gave my coccyx a good workout on a not so clean village hall floor.

So the friction, sweat, rain soaked clothing and jarring  resulted in a couple of sores near my coccyx, one of which has since become infected and become an abscess as confirmed by a visit to the Dr today.

Diagnosis Pilonidal cyst/abscess which are often very painful, as I have found out, a real pain in the bum.

Simple explanation – cyclist saddle sore or “jeep seat”  because a large portion of WW2 soldiers being hospitalised from prolonged rides in the bumpy vehicles were believed to have caused the condition due to irritation and pressure on the coccyx.

Medical explanation – Excessive sweating & pressure can also contribute to the cause of a pilonidal cyst. Moisture can fill a stretched hair follicle, which helps create a low-oxygen environment that promotes the growth of anaerobic bacteria, often found in pilonidal cysts. The presence of bacteria and low oxygen levels hamper wound healing and exacerbate a forming pilonidal cyst

The Dr & I kept the consultation light and applied humour – she first saw me standing in the waiting room then when called me in said “I’d normally offer you a seat, but doubt you’d want one ”  My reply “No I’m happy to stand”,  before I drop my trousers for an examination,  “No I don’t want a chaperone, Lets just get on with it”.

With a twang of the rubber gloves the examination over and prescribed Penicillin and pain killers for a week.
Her parting words were – The pus like halo should burst on its own in the next few days,  lucky you !,  go OTT on keeping the area clean with antibacterial washes and if it gets worse head straight back to the out of hours duty doctor.

At present I don’t think I will see my bike for a good few days, walking let along running  too painful to contemplate and the sores sting like mad when I jump in a chlorinated pool.

What’s a girl in ironman training suppose to do now ? press-ups, sleep face down, slowly walk the puppy, all suggestions welcome 😉




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