Time to move on.


The time has come when I seem to have outstayed my welcome at my running club. I’m both saddened and annoyed as I was there on the very first session six years ago along with five other nervous soles. The club was set up by a keen group of triathletes for triathletes and initially we had run sessions, masters, circuit training, brick sessions – pool/turbo/run, turbo session & guided long runs & rides rides.

However as members numbers increased the sessions decreased down to one run session a week. Compared to other running clubs this was poor and compared to triathlon clubs it was embarrassingly lacking. The club was over run with runners and triathletes seemed to become second class members or referred to by club captain as the ‘nutters’.

Believe me over the years I fought for more sessions & also looked after the slower runners including fighting a rule that you had to be able to run 10k in less than an hour to attend the interval session ( in fact the only club session). This is not a club of elite runners by any standard. The club tag line on the website – Friendly local running club where nobodies left behind is so far from reality it’s laughable.

This summer the committee asked for suggestions and ideas of how to develop the club. They received many emails and a few carrots of new sessions were dangled – swimming, circuit training & turbo. Only actually one has materialised – Swimfit back on the calendar to replace Masters and has proven popular with max attendance each week over last two months. However many other suggestions were ignored or rejected, seems the committee doesn’t like change and not ready to offer more for its members.

I became the black sheep of the club as I openly made suggestions, offered information and recommended local races & events. Cue censorship and public whipping on Facebook. This was initiated by one committee member who for reasons unknown to me or others took a dislike to me. Who knows why ?

This week was the final straw, it’s gone too far – too political and far too personal. So reluctantly I’m stepping away to simmer down and decide on next years options regarding clubs.

On a positive note within 3 hours of selling my club kit and announcing I was moving on I’ve had offers to join 5 other local running or tri clubs 🙂 Or I may take a year out and race as unaffiliated, keep my British Triathlon Membership and race in Pirate colours.

Members, coaches and clubs change that’s life. But this club hasn’t grown with my triathlon needs. I actually realised back in the summer that I needed to look for help outside of the club for my long distance triathlon racing , so I got a coach, joined a cycling club and raced in Pirate colours. Through these new links I got more support, encouragement, ideas, training sessions, advise, made new friends and more training mates, PB’s, covered more miles, guided around new routes, conquered new challenges – my first 70.3 all in six months and more than the previous six years !

I’ve been encouraged by words of support from my old club members & friends for my braveness (or stupidity) in speaking up. In reality it’s a relief that I’ve made the decision, no more stress, disappointment or disrespect. I’ve cut ties and culled my Facebook friends !

Moving on feels good. 🙂


  1. Wise move, I ended up in the same position with my “friendly” running club. I was captain there for 3 years, I moved job which meant that, due to a long commute and even longer working hours, I didn’t make every weekly meeting so was asked to resign.

    Last year, I changed my membership to associate which meant that I didn’t pay the fees to the sports centre where the club meets but still paid the membership to the club. This year the new secretary sent me an email with a long list of things that I wasn’t allowed to do and didn’t qualify for. The email ended with the words “you are not a full member of the club”, at which point I thought “stuff you – I can not be allowed to do all that for nothing” and refused to renew my membership.

    I am still a very active member of our triathlon club and have never regretted quitting the running club. Funnily enough, I have heard quite a few people did the same.

    You have done the right thing and it’s onwards and upwards for you now 🙂 And if you are in the area, Durham Tri are very welcoming and friendly 😀

    • Thanks for your message & words. If back up north I’ll pop in or do a local event 🙂
      I think committee member egos & power make them lose common sense & general manners !
      Their losses our gains to move on.
      I’m still a sport club member but with running club discounted rate so waiting for my membership monthly fee to increase. However it’s the best pool in the area so may absorb increase at least to get me through ironman training.

      • Apparently I won the ladies club triathlon championship trophy which was presented at the Christmas dinner last night.
        I wasn’t there as working, but would have been nice to have been informed & offered to go & collect it.
        A friend picked it up in my behalf so will get from her next week when we run.
        Maybe an email will go around congratulating all winners and informing club members not at the dinner who won what ?

    • Sad but life goes on.
      Triathletes a better breed 🙂
      I gave it my best in fact was treasurer for 4 years and assisted at beginners sessions until they were too inconvenient for other committee members as interfered with their not so elite training plans.

  2. Sounds like you did all you could at the club, and that their loss will definitely be another club’s gain! All the best for the future and I agree with a previous bloggers’ comment : less said the better. As good as it might temporarily feel to vent, the damage and fallout just won’t be worth it!

    • Wise words. That’s why I decided just to move away from club. The good friends I made there & run with are sticking by me.
      Life’s too short & no point wasting energies there anymore. I need to focus on ironman UK next year.
      This is my one & only post on the club.
      Moved on…… 🙂

  3. I have an unwritten rule in all aspects of my life, as soon as I start getting BS and people’s egos are far too inflated, I walk away. Its served me well, life is too short to put up with other peoples crap. It sounds like you did the right thing.

  4. Oh dear, sounds like it was all rather painful. Especially when its taken over to facebook. Gotta hate FB even more at times like this.
    Least said, soonest mended might be a way to go. Glad you`re leaving the stress of all this behind. Best of luck in finding a new club to match your triathlon ambitions.

    • Thank you- at least I’ve met & made some good true friends from the club who are behind me & supporting. Also messages saying I was an inspiration & wish I wasn’t going. I think a few may follow.

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