Joining the pirates…… My kind of ‘club’


The sales pitch that got me on board is below and in the short time I’ve been on the Pirate Ship of Fools I’ve loved the in race support at Henley, the forum banter, grabbed my self a mentor and met in virtual and real world ( yes these pirates do exists) some cracking characters and individuals. Next meeting a couple of mini winter sportives and of course a social for beer drinking practise pre Christmas 🙂

I’ve been introduced, accepted, something to do with beer stop at mile 22 of London marathon and my various mishaps mid race and the kit is on order. I was lent kit for my first half ironman by a very friendly fellow pirate.

From now on I will proudly be racing in Pirate colours with a pint in hand

Joining the pirates…… (go on you know you want to)

Submitted by  on October 16, 2012

We are not a club, just a bunch of like minded individuals who like doing ironman’s 

Therefore there are no fees, rules etc:-)

As you see we hang around on runners world forum.
Most of the old / original pirates have moved on as their interests moved on (some are still around though)…. But we get lots of newbies eveey year.
The only vague rule is to enter an ironman, introduce yourself, buy some kit, train and go do i

So you have bumped into a pirate, and thought, hey they are cool / crazy / so unfibut still doing Ironmanm and you think ‘yes! – I want a bit of that!

If so, read on

So How Do I Join

Well, the pirates are not actually club – so there are no entry fees :-) and therefore its really easy to join!!

However we are a bunch of ironman / ironman wannabes who offer each other guidance, help and motivation etc. Most importantly we do a nominated ironman each yer as well as a various half IMs.
There, we all wear stupidly loud yellow kit, and support each other furiously
That’s where the spirit/ pirate ethos came from – supporting / encouraging those idiots who dared enter an IM despite varying levels of ability / fitness and injury.
We also see in the final finishers (usually a pirate) with beer in hand –

We hang out on the runners world uk forum- triathlon section. Piss taking / banter is all part of it, as is helping and encouraging those newbies who appear each year.

The only 3 things you need to do to become a pirate is:-

    • join the forum (nickname required)
    • enter a race
    • buy some pirate race kit

I would start by lurking on the forum, and if you decide you like the vibe, then introduce yourself, and enter an IM!
It helps to do an ironman with other newbies / pirates. That way you are part of the journey, its easier to ask stupid questions, get help and advice and finally the support on the day is brilliant. It generally helps to be reasonably active on the forum (so people know who you are), have a sense of humour and not take yourself to seriously

Above all its supposed to be fun.

If you are into oly distance stuff, or are a ‘serious*’ athlete the pirates may not be for you
If you are enthusiastic and don’t take yourself too seriously (have you seen the kit?) then welcome

*No talent is required, but we have some kona qualifiers in the gang



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