Life after ironman

Two weeks after the big day and I’m still smiling and buzzing from the achievement with pride.

Did I mention I am an IRONMAN ? ;-)
Did I mention I am an IRONMAN ? 😉

The ten months of training paid off and was well worth it. The day itself went by in a flash. My aim was first to finish within 17 hours and I estimated 16-17.

I came home just after 15 hours with 2 cracked ribs ! I was kicked by a big bloke doing breastroke as I lapped him and many others. One heel to my ribs & I was promptly sick & thought ‘game over’

Got through T1 and onto the bike, realising I needed more food in me but felt quite nauseous with the pain. I forced my self to stop at my special needs bag. Then on the run I could only run the flats and had to walk up / down hill as jarring & strain took me to a new world of pain

The support was amazing throughout just like London marathon or London olympics, Tour de France or another big road races. I had friends & family popping up all over the course cheering. Thanks to Deb, Tess & Pat driving up for the day. Jane & Colm on lap bands. Harry & Chris our hosts and of course Mike who has been behind me throughout training.

When I got my last lap band and sheer ignorance, training, adrenaline & determination got me through the line. All pain evaporated as I ran down the finishers red carpet.

I’ve had two weeks recover watching the commonwealth games. Saw Dr at finish and at home for X-ray nothing they can do but pain management. But as cracks are in line with 2 bottom ribs said 3-4 weeks to heal fully. I now have no pain from them just very itchy / a sign they are healing.

Going to head out on my bike this week and swim in lake without a wetsuit (too tight on ribs). Try easy running maybe next week. Will give Swimfit and a night swim a miss for a couple more weeks just incase I get kicked, knocked again.

No more races planned this year. Autumn will be trail running and some local cycle sportives

2015 I’m dropping down to do a couple of 70.3’s next year. The training commitment for a full ironman is huge. 70.3’s are manageable without taking over your life. There is also such a choice out there from ironman & Challenge brands and local companies.

Next year I’m also looking to get some speed back for 70.3 distances so a couple of half marathons on both trail & road, already booked into Silverstone half.

It’s an amazing feeling & sense of achievement, and to date the most rewarding and best challenge I’ve completed. Shows strength, pride, courage and belief.

Yes I’ll do another full ironman but probably 2017 for my 50th and go overseas. Got a house extension, 20th wedding anniversary, work & family to catch up with between now & then !


  1. Congrats on your amazing ironman achievement! Half marathon training takes up enough of my life, so training for an ironman must be epic!! Well done, really inspirational! 🙂

  2. You were BRILLIANT!! Glad the ribs are healing well too! Not surpirsed you’re still buzzing from it – what an achievement!!

    • Thank you. Been for a little spin on my bike but potholes & ribs not a good combination ! Need to be patient a little longer. But healing well thanks.

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