Incredible ironman pain threshold

Having completed ironman UK with two cracked ribs obtained in the swim, a powerful kick from a big bloke in a wetsuit doing breaststroke who I was trying to lap.

I had my first tattoo yesterday and the only feeling I got was a little tickle. The only complaint I had was the tattooist accidentally sprayed green soap in my cup of tea !

Also I recall that when I was doing Officer Safety Training my partners couldn’t find any pressure points on me ! Tried all the usual ones, jaw, ear, hand, wrists, thumbs etc but no squeal of pain from me.

So 3 weeks after ironman my ribs are healing, I’m off painkillers and I finally had my unique Mdot with a twist tattoo. I went to my friend Mark in Gloucester, I’ve known him 20 years and totally trusted him. He’s not been a tattoo artist for 20 years he was in business development, a company MD but always been very creative & a perfectionist.

So it seems Anything is Possible and I’m a lot stronger than I think. With a high pain tolerance I need to check I don’t go too far to permanently damage myself. Whilst I don’t have pain I need to be patient and allow my ribs to heal fully and tattoo to be kept clean and healed too.

A couple of weeks before I can swim and run again, but looking at start of September to get back and flash the tat at the pool or in a tank vest if the weather still allows ?!


Tattoo is on my shoulder so up to me when I show it off or keep to myself 🙂


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