Feels Good to be Back in Training

Back in training feels so good

Finally six weeks after ironman UK and my cracked ribs I dusted off my running shoes and headed off to my local Parkrun for my first run post IMUK. The sun was shining, the air was warm and I was ready to test the legs, lungs and ribs.

I picked up Vic on the way as a birthday treat she could accompany me on my come back run ! There were around 400 eager runners ready to line up at Lydiard Park. We drifted to the back of the bunch ready to start, I didn’t even bring a watch, GPS or sand egg timer as the aim was just to get back and run.

A little over 30 minutes later we were turning to head down the finish shoot, we had run the whole way, OK its only 5km but also chatted all they way with one woman saying she was jealous of our run/chat ability !

The ribs didn’t rebel, I felt a loss of fitness but the legs kept turning over and didn’t let me down. Woo Hoo – I’m back in training  😉


DOMS my old friend came back on Sunday, legs a little stiff. But I’m not complaining as it’s a sign I’m alive and kicking and ready to start training again after 6 weeks off.

Now to build back up the miles, get time on feet & in the saddle, get back on the hills, swim more laps in the pool, unfortunately open water season is coming to a close.

Looking ahead I have seven weeks until my police fitness test and Officer Safety Training to get my speed and fitness back. No more triathlon races planned this year, a few local grass-roots fun off-road runs and some sportive ridesventered between now and christmas. Shooting season begins next month and so I have a few days booked with the ladies on the clays at Barbury to get my eye back in.

I have used my downtime not just recovering but also marshalling  for the last 5 weekends and in turn I have managed to secure free race entires for 2015. So apart from Stafford ironman 70.3 which I managed to enter within the 14 minutes sell out time all other race entry fees are covered 🙂 It pays to volunteer and feels good to give back to the sport too. Looking to do a 70.3 middle distance tri each month June to September, so many to choose from but plan is looking along the lines of Stafford 70.3, Titan in Brecon, Cotswold Classic 113 & Weymouth.

Planning ahead for 2015
Planning ahead for 2015

Catching up with coach Neil this week to discuss 2015 race plans, winter training, what to focus on and how to improve strength, speed and fitness, incorporating weekly trail runs with friends, running with my dog, shooting, snowboarding, club sessions and classes ( circuits, spinning, masters swimming) whilst having fun of course 🙂

Back at it – onwards and upwards……..

Swim, Bike, Run ....have fun :-)
Swim, Bike, Run ….have fun 🙂



  1. Glad to hear you are back running Zoe. Well done again for all that volunteering. You’ll go to heaven. Good luck with the off season plans – next year looks busy!!!

  2. Day one of back in training and I hit the gym, its been a long time since I’ve seen gym. Come home to find we have a power cut then on further inspection a flooded bathroom, the cause of the power cut. Hubby not around so shower & food are delayed……

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