2021 -Lockdown3 here we go again

Having let my fitness slip in lockdown v1 & v2 as event and race after race vanished or converted to virtual my mojo and focus went awol.

Lockdown3 – taking back my fitness.

National Lockdown3 announced to start on 5th January to 15th February but with current daily UK figures it looks like it maybe longer.

February 2021 will be our 25th wedding anniversary but no long haul Canadian snow & Hawaiian beaches for us this time.

Instead I will look to improve my fitness week on week – being inspired by Chris Nikic striving to being 1% better each day.

Reporting on Sundays each week .

Planning to do an activity a day within lockdown rules. Home fitness- running, LesMills On-demand, KitchenPump, strength, cardio, core, stretch & flex. Starting with 3.5hours a week and building throughout lockdown.

10th January- solid start.

At this moment ironman Copenhagen is still on for August in 32 weeks with an Olympic and 113 events in run up. So better pull my finger out and get my ass in gear.

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