Janathon day 15 Exploring new running trails

Today was more of a recovery trail run if thats not an oxymoron ?! after Sundays 10 mile mud & hill race.

Parked at Small Grain heading off on familiar routes but decided to explore more briddle paths and trails, got off course a couple of times but knew where we were in relation to various landmarks – white horse, monument, telephone towers, farms etc.

Fabulous day, from the top we could see for a bout 9 miles – Calne, Chippenham out to Malmsbury.

Temps hovering at zero degree so underfoot we had crunchy mud, frosty grass and iced puddles but glorious sunshine.

A few stops for photos and to enjoy the views. Next time we can do it full on. Ran with Pat.

Over a hundred miles already in my trail shoe, however mucky they get the scrub up well post run. They were still a bit damp today though when I put them on 🙂




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