Taper week – bored now just want to get to start line….

Last Run – 30 minutes. That’s it training & taper complete. Next stop river Thames at Henley on Thames for my first middle distance triathlon / 70.3 / Half ironman.

So far this week I have:

Done my last swim, bike & run from my 18 week training plan.

Cleaned & applied lube to bike.

Had go faster haircut.

Sterilised all water bottles eeen though they will be thrown mould not good

Completed race plan sheets

Planned & arranged with my friend who’s also racing the journey, registration, briefing and racking times for Saturday

Booked evening meal for night before race

Checked hotel confirmation

Cleaned fish tank, lost wedding ring in gravel.

Found wedding ring & bought some bright new fish additions.

Washed race kit.

Laid kit out on spare bed for all weathers – forecast keeps changing.

Bought extra gels, flapjack & maltloaf.

Tried not to eat too much. Extra protein.

Had last massage.

Can feel a niggle in my hamstring – or is it just in my head ??

Holding off taper madness so far….  Forgoten anything important ?

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