Mallorca training camp day 2 – swim/run/yoga/sea swim 

Wakes wakey 7:30 sunrise swim session awaits us in outdoor pool.


Swim followed by breakfast then a 5k warm up ahead of a perceived effort guess you next 5k time. Last time I was 2:45 out this time 1:02 out but slower not quicker. Humidity was high temps around 24c as we waited the thunder storm and rain to show.

Indoors for a bit of yoga & stretching before lunch. 

Sea swim and time for me to be eco friendly and feed the fishes. Two new theorems to try out – eyes & mind. 

We all felt more tired tonight than last night and the long hilly climbs. 

Refreshed in the spa, laundry done & replenished and odd glass of red wine we are ready to go again tomorrow. 

Look out for the next Per formance Edge training camp.

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