Mallorca training camp day 3 – swim in rain / yoga / ride 42miles / 5k run off the bike

More like Mallorca Raining camp ☔️🏊🏻 as we were greeted with a slightly darker wetter 7:30am swim.  The life guard has opened the pool, removed the covers then was wringing his shoes out in the bar area as we plunged in.

The swimmers had the best conditions this morning as the pool was warm it was  the poor coaches who got soaked & cold on the wet & windy poolside.

Raining camp

Fluffed the first 200m of warm up then got into the swing of things for a mile open air pool swim. Followed by swimmers feeding frenzy in breakfast buffet.


Due to the downpour the gym was full with other athletes and triathletes & roller blading goddesses ( to the delights of the men). So we found a spot for our yoga mats in the bike garage and stretched, breathed, balanced our way through the session. Based in the grunts and “you’ve got to be joking” remarks I think I’m quite flexible in some ways.

The rain had stopped and as still warm the roads had dried out as we headed out at 1pm for a 42 mile undulating ( read as Neil flat) ride. Along the coast where kite surfers were flying high on the onshore winds, we then headed inland to the rural rustic roads amid monasteries, olive groves and donkey fields. Through old stone walled villages with cobbles we then headed back along a wide cycle lane riding as a group. Need to,take a few more bravery pills, put my big girl pants on and practise riding much closer to the wheel of rider in front. 🚴🏻

Semimslick transition and straight out on a 5k run off the bike. After downloading the Garmin I was greeted with a STRAVA PR better than the previous two 5k’s yesterday 🎉😀

Quick spa dip & steam room before demolishing the buffet, relaxing with a glass of red and bed,💤💤💤💤

This swim bike run yoga eating is very tiring you know !

#happydays Look out for the next Performance Edge training camp.

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