Mallorca training camp day 4 – 80 min swim session & lighthouse ride 

Polarised googles could be my problem.

Previously I have worn clear goggles in the pool and tinted in open water. This year I have worn polarised in sea swims and this week in the open air pool. 

What I have noticed is that in the swims I have been sick the bottom seems to move, like an optical illusion or looking through binoculars that are not quite alighted and in focus. Also the clearer and shallower the water the worse the motion sickness is. Lasted just 375meters on Tuesday in flat clam waters of Mallorca. 

Early morning river swims I have worn clear goggles where I have been fine even with a current. Then OK with polarised goggles in open water rowing lakes such as Outlaw which are a bit murky I can’t see the bottom or even my hands at times.

Today in the outdoor pool I noticed that the tile lines were moving or fuzzy focus yet when I looked above the water everything was cristal clear. Coach Neil suggested that maybe I need to get my eyes tested and describe the problem to an optician, but after seeing the moving fuzzy pool tiles I put two & two together about my polarised goggles. 

So I’ll be heading off for a pair of clear / tinted goggles to see if that makes  a difference, or no goggles in the sea ?!  Worth a try. 

Sea swim ironman’s could be back on the agenda ? 🏊🏻😀

Solid 80 mins swim session building pace over 150meters for me while the boys played with woggles and floats doing gymnastic and splashing about in the shallows learning tumble turns ! 

Anyway after the swim we headed up the coast and along the peninsula to Cap de Formentor The lighthouse. A challenging but not going to kill you 48mile ride. With stunning scenery and fast descents and hairpin climbs.

 We were a woman down to start and nearly lost a man on route due to food poisoning from last nights seafood buffet. I too ate the mussels, squid, cuttlefish, prawns etc but so far seems to have got away with the fishy roulette.

Finally found a taker for the complimentary snacks / dog biscuits, the mountain goats were very grateful.

Sweeping descents through forest and switchbacks with sheer drops and nervous car drivers hogging the inside lane made you concentrate and find your brakes. We rode up past stationary or crawling cars and had to brake to slow following them down hill.

 A couple of firsts for me today :

1) I passed 5 other cyclists going uphill 

2) I broke the speed limit 52kmph in a 40km zone ! 

The lighthouse ride has now become my favourite ride on Mallorca for the challenge, scenery and variety.


Selfie with the lighthouse

Movie night with swim video analysis for all then a mountain of buffet – no seafood in sight tonight by those who were still standing to eat. Plus only 3 in the red wine drinking club.

Look out for the next Performance Edge training camp.

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