Mallorca training camp day 5 – extended 70.3 bike course & sea swim

Then there were five, the seafood buffet has taken two out. I just couldn’t wake up this morning at breakfast, maybe I need to swim more often first thing to wake up.


then there were just 5 riders..
Another sunny day on the island of Mallorca and perfect cycling conditions. Today we rode to join the Mallorca 70.3 ironman course up the coast, most of it I have ridden as part of other rides but not ridden as one complete loop. 

Along the coast to Port de Pollenca then up the hill to Col de Femenia this is the third time I’ve ridden up there and according to STRAVA was 7 1/2 minutes quicker a PB badge – some hill climbing progress 😀🚴🏻 Sweeping descents only interrupted by a few cars cutting the bends. 

Coffee in a Repsol garage that had more cyclist than motorists as customers. Rustic rural roads that were very rough & covered potholes the size of craters in places. Zig zagged our way through vegetable fields with old rusty water mills. Some beautiful stone & cobbled villages with squares of varying sizes.


not sure if this is going up or down hill ?
I felt strong today, the mountain climb didn’t take as much out of me and  then took a fair turn on the front heading home. Legs full of beans. 

Back in time for a brief sea swim – again some progress, I managed 24 minutes in the water without feeding the fish, but just made it in time for the disabled blue loo on the beach. New goggles stopped the funky fuzzy moving sensation of the seabed. The Rays & jellyfish looked in focus and clear. So eyesight better but sea was rougher and I did feel a little queasy in the water but soon passed when back at hotel with an iced cold diet Coke. 

Good to see appearances from our two sick notes at dinner, one faired better than the other. Hopefully both will be back swimming & cycling with the group tomorrow. 

Thanks again to Beth for the pictures. Look out for the next Performance Edge training camp.

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