Mallorca training camp day 6 – sunrise pool swim & recovery ride along coast

Another one bites the dust…… The food poisoning may have been a bug as Kev was talking to the big white telephone all night. Then at breakfast after or swim Sean was feeling a little off😲

Attempting tri medleies I floundered up and down either not breathing or gulping air and water on butterfly stroke. The butterfly kicks and one arm drills were more like a crawling caterpillar rather than a skipping dolphin 🐛🐬 

So my stomach was feeling odd but I wasnt feeling sick – fingers crossed I hold out another day until I get home and it was just tender abs from wrenching on land yesterday after the sea swim or too much air & pool water gulped in.

A delayed start to an easy ride which for once really was an easy recovery ride in glorious sunshine. Just the five of us headed up the coast to Cal de Sant Vicenc a little fishing village & secluded bay. 

Legs took a little while to wake up but soon got into their rythem and span along nicely for 33 miles of mixed roughness road surface and sweeping undulating wide cycle paths. But feeling fine. 

Faster return and best average speed on ride this week, ok only 33 miles but after. Took solo time on front again as felt strong and then froze fingers as I helped with Beth’s puncture less than a mile home. 

This cycle ride brings me in at 250+ miles and over 12,000ft climbing this week. 

Early evening mojito around the pool  with Jon & Sean watching Wales V RSA. 

Kev & Anne missing you all ready 😃

Thanks again to Neil & Beth for a great week, ably assisted by Jon when not up chucking. Look out for the next Performance Edge training camp.

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