January Blues

January 2018 has seen me black & blue from a bike crash, highs and lows with friends & family, job/contract hunting has left me deflated and used, but mostly I feel like I’ve been treading water in the big blue ocean of life.

Some people don’t like Mondays – and want to shoot the whole day down !

I don’t like January.

In summary I feel that I’ve let January slip by and wasted the month. New year new start didn’t really happen for me.

Work / Training / life –

Work – There has been some glimmers of hope on the job front this month, a few more interviews and getting to final stages only to be told I’m too skilled ! At first I was disappointed then realised that actually I had just provided them with free of charge 2.5 hours brainstorming consultation, which then left me feeling used and annoyed. I totally accept when up against other candidates that have more specific experience in a sector/ industry/ product or service. Still a few more opportunities in the pipeline and I’ve turned down a couple that just weren’t the right fit for me – brave or stupid time will tell. Who knows where I will end up and that’s part of not committing to many things – Lanza trip, nights out, tri camps, etc.

Training – not a lot of consistency or planning. All a bit adhoc I’m afraid 😟 Training Peaks isn’t looking too green and healthy, in fact it’s telling me I’m at my all time lowest fitness level.

As we start February I feel that I’ve wasted January, 4 weeks have gone by and my fitness focus & mojo just hasn’t shown up this year.

A Sportive, few Wattbike sessions, couple of runs won’t really cut it as ironman training.

Crashing out on my bike didn’t help and took a week to recover from the bruising, grazes and swollen knee, hip & shoulder. Whilst my bike was being repaired at a cost of £150 of damage I went on the Wattbike for a couple of sessions to check the legs out. I tackled the Russian Steps speed intervals – that’s one tough, sweaty session but very satisfying when finished.

A real PPP session – puke, piss pants, perspire.

Still need to get out and run but my hip was still aching after couple of weeks taking me to the end of January.

Twice I have been on the ironman Wales website with my finger hovering over the defer to next year button – talked myself out of it each time. So far.

Life – January kicks off with the anniversary of my dads death, and this year would have been his 75th birthday on 22nd January. Plus two of our dogs passed away in January and most recently my sisters brother in law this week – many sad days but some lovely memories of the past times.

Shooting season has drawn to a close for another year – this was a great season and last shoot day we had amazing mist & sunshine countryside scenes.

So how am I going to tackle February? First off – one day at a time, it’s the shortest month and I plan to contribute to my fitness & weight loss, job search and helping others each day ( motivation, volunteering, support & help).

Starting with daily Planks – not the toughest challenge but a starter.

I’ve been sent a HeartSports trisuit which I’m looking forward to testing & review over the summer season in training & races.

I am booked on an instructor course for PiYo and looking at BTF coaching opportunities.

At the end of February I will reassess – look at where I am with work, training consistency and overall feelings.

I’ve cut back on some commitments to see the wood from the trees and focus on what I need to do.

I’ve neglected blogging for a few months as other commitments have taken over but I enjoy the writing process and will document my year – highs & lows, laughs & tears.


  1. Oh I do feel for you, what a crap beginning to the year. Spring is coming, you are still the same awesome, employable, committed and talented person. But do remember to be gentle with yourself. It is the world’s fault for not being quite in sync with your timetable, it will sort itself out. It isn’t any deficit on your part.

  2. Sheesh I think you achieve an amazing amt in Jan… I also hate Jan the comedown from the festive season the crap weather etc… but really the new year only really starts in Feb! Best of all good things
    CJ x

  3. Hang in there! That’s the beauty about life — chapters and seasons for everything. You will read a new and better chapter soon.

  4. Goodness… tough times indeed! But they don’t last.. tough people, however, do last. You’ve got this 👍

  5. Job hunting is frustrating, time consuming and confidence knocking, never been in that position before, but hated it, but actually loved not working!
    PPP?! 😱I get that all time time never knew there was an acronym though, how perfect!

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